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Welcome to my blog for writing. Here is where you will find an archive of short stories and essays I have written. Many of those stories were published at a blog I have since taken down called Clintonaut. Many of those... Continue Reading →

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It feels a little silly, a little trite, as the 2016 election winds down, to say that presidential campaigns are flat-out ridiculous. Certainly no previous presidential election has ever been any more ridiculous than this one. After all, there is... Continue Reading →

I have a special way of working. No guns. Don’t like the goddam things, and I like the kin d of people who use ‘em even less. Noisy, messy. Easy to trace, too. I have a better way. Cleaner. Easier.

How do you lose a body on a plane this small?

On the porch.  With a drink and an Ybor City cigar. You listen to me, now, you’ll be fine, just fine.  Listen here. I know about him.  He come from out west, California.  Gonna make it.  Big time.  Could write.... Continue Reading →

Twilight & Brimstone

Today, though, was hot as hell. In a room with a bare light bulb humming. Handcuffed around a chair bolted to the floor. The windows covered with heavy dark cloth and duct tape, no air circulating. Him and six guys in a room that comfortably held four.


She won’t be around much longer, pal, Ren’s father had told him earnestly. His Aunt Joan was dying. Ren and his brother Bobby shared a room at the old hotel, his mother, father and little sister Elsie in the adjoining... Continue Reading →

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