Welcome to my blog for writing.

Here is where you will find an archive of short stories and essays I have written. Many of those stories were published at a blog I have since taken down called Clintonaut. Many of those same stories were cross-posted at a must-read blog for writers called Terribleminds, published by Chuck Wendig. Chuck hosts semi-regular flash fiction challenges, and I recommend them to you. In fact, I recommend the whole thing.

I anticipate updating this blog on an irregular basis. I have a job and three kids (you can read more about everything I’m doing here), and that keeps me from writing as much as I’d like. That said, I’ll try to keep the material fresh. I like to write fiction, but I reserve the right to talk about anything from fatherhood to the state of the world today. Thanks in advance for reading.

Finally, it is important for me to say that the things I write here are not the views of my employer, the City of St. Petersburg. This is a personal blog, written and published on personal time. If you have any questions about my work for the city, or anything we do there, please feel free to contact me at work.

Hope you enjoy your visit.