It’s been a little while since I posted here, and I’m sorry about that. Busy with summer starting, busy moving, busy getting ready for a baby, who will be here in about five weeks or so.

The writing has taken a bit of a backseat to summer scheduling and baby prep, which I am sorry about. I’m looking at re-engaging on a couple of projects, and hope to come back to some short stories and flash fiction challenges here that always keep me sharp. Stay tuned.

Also want to urge you to see the documentary on Mister Rogers, if you have not already: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?  It really is something special, the best thing I’ve seen on the big screen in a long, long time.

I grew up with Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. He was part of everyday life for a long time. My father kept a poster of Mister Rogers in his office at work. We are, and have always been, a Mister Rogers family.

The movie is so good because it does such an excellent job of weaving together two stories, really. One is about Fred Rogers, the man, the person. The other, story, though, is really about the power of love and compassion. I am sure you can find a critic who will point out the technical flaws in the piece, but I really didn’t see any. It’s a triumph of storytelling.

It is also completely relevant today. In fact, it is especially relevant today. Someone said that this is the documentary we need right now, meaning it’s the movie we as a nation need to see. I’m not so sure it’s not the documentary Donald Trump needs right now. If only he’d listen.

I’ve thought a lot about the politics in our nation and our world since seeing this movie earlier this week. We have a lot of repair work to do, there’s no question about it. Where I think we have more work is to recognize that “love is at the root of everything.”

I hope you’ll go out and see this movie.