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Book Day

Book Day: The Girl, The Gold Watch & Everything

Look, it's a John D. MacDonald book, you don't need me to recommend it to you. But just in case: go on, get a copy and read this damn book. The premise of The Girl, The Gold Watch & Everything is fairly simple. There's a sort... Continue Reading →

Book Day: Blackbirds

Don't get me wrong: Blackbirds is wildly violent, wickedly chaotic, like those old wooden roller-coasters that rip you this way and that, make you call a chiropractor when you wobble off.

Book Day: Treasury of Norse Mythology Review

We devoured this book. Each night with me, we read a chapter. They're relatively short, four or five pages, and so each story is just long enough for a before-bedtime read.

Book Day: Southern Gods

I am always impressed when writers can channel a different time.

It feels a little silly, a little trite, as the 2016 election winds down, to say that presidential campaigns are flat-out ridiculous. Certainly no previous presidential election has ever been any more ridiculous than this one.

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