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Hate and the Impediments to Progress

There is no reason in the world for a white person (and particularly a white man) to be anything less than ebullient about the state of affairs in today's America. Donald Trump, a man who has garnered the favor of a leader of the Ku Klux Klan, is President of the United States. The Congress is controlled by Republicans, and its leaders seem hell-bent on rolling back the polices of the last Democratic administration. Republicans also control 32 state legislatures, 33 governors.

When We Was Fab

Today, you've got avowed, unapologetic racists posing with the president, denigrating previous occupants of the White House.

Standing Up in the Age of Trump

Donald Trump has been in office a couple of weeks, and he is already redefining the words "failure" and "disaster" as they relate to presidential leadership. Honestly, I've never seen anything like it. But I am also a little bit hopeful.

Forging a Path Ahead Through the Trumpland Wilds

About twenty-five years ago, my parents bought several acres near the edge of Pulaski County, Arkansas, a forty-five minute drive from downtown Little Rock. The property is beautiful, most of it wooded behind a small pond where my parents have... Continue Reading →

Salvation Through Art

This has not been the easiest post-election week. I predicted a Hillary blow-out, for whatever that's worth now. And as the Democratic Party -- and the nation -- goes through a sort of reckoning, so too am I going through my... Continue Reading →

I’m With Her: Election Day

I've been involved in politics and campaigns for a long time now. Hillary Clinton is going to be a remarkable president. I think she is being underestimated right now, which is fine. But she has spent a lifetime shaping domestic and global policy. She understands the levers of power probably better than anyone preparing to lead the free world. This is nothing but a benefit to America. And that's a great reason to vote for her.

In the end, it was never even close, and it wasn't going to be. The Clintons have been a part of my life since I was a pretty young boy. Bill Clinton was my governor for most of my youth.... Continue Reading →

It feels a little silly, a little trite, as the 2016 election winds down, to say that presidential campaigns are flat-out ridiculous. Certainly no previous presidential election has ever been any more ridiculous than this one.

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